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Wip Batman Animated Series side view :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 1 1 Wip Batman Animated Series front view :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 1 0 Servamp Kuro Cat :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 3 0 Amigurumi Kylo Ren :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 4 3 Force Awakens Wip :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 0 0 Prototype New 52 Joker Amigurumi :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 2 0 Completed Harley Quinn Amigurumi doll :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 1 0 Wip Amigurumi Harley Quinn #2 :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 0 0 Amigurumi Harley Quinn design 2.0 wip :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 0 0 Wip Harley Quinn :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 1 0 Amigurumi Batman Scarecrow :icontheatercrocheter:TheaterCrocheter 2 0


Squirtle :iconplushandstuff:PlushAndStuff 14 2 Baby Winston :iconplushandstuff:PlushAndStuff 33 0 The Rugrats Movie Review :icongloverboy23:Gloverboy23 7 3 Spring Kitsune Plush :iconfollylolly:FollyLolly 147 6 Sunset Kitsune :iconfollylolly:FollyLolly 62 10 .DOLL's Hand Embroidery Tutorial :icondot-doll:dot-DOLL 804 92 How I hand-stitch Paw Pads :icondot-doll:dot-DOLL 1,043 153 ThreadSculpting Tutorial :icondot-doll:dot-DOLL 555 56 Wander :iconzareidy:Zareidy 165 37 Ratchet :iconzareidy:Zareidy 204 61 empoleon for ocisaprettybird :iconmasterplanner:MasterPlanner 120 29 Mimikyu :iconaphid777:aphid777 2,346 80 Mimikyu Collage :iconaphid777:aphid777 1,032 38 Mimikyu WIP :iconaphid777:aphid777 226 18 detective conan : conan :iconkinkaku:kinkaku 7 6 Durarara : Izaya Orihara :iconkinkaku:kinkaku 50 14



Wip Batman Animated Series front view
The colors should be a dead give away, and I only did the body in read cause this is just me making the pattern. When I have a full pattern it will be in the proper switched colors
Servamp Kuro Cat
I have been obsessed with Servamp every since I started to watch it, especially Kuro's little cat form, so I figured it was time to make a amigurumi of him........really wish I could find off black yarn though so his details would show more but I still think he came out great
Amigurumi Kylo Ren
After a lot of attempts I finally managed to come up with a design that I am happy with. He stands a little over a foot and has posable arms and fingers, his hood can also be pulled off to show his helmet on all it's glory.
Force Awakens Wip
It's taking longer then expected to get this character to look right and I haven't even started on the costuming yet but what do you expect when free handing. Sometimes it looks good and 90 percent of the time it looks off in someway.
Hello again to anyone who comes across my page, TheaterCrocheter here. In my last journal I told you guys that I am always up for suggestions, this is still very true, however I realized I didn't post a list of things I was planning to design for you guys to see and or add to with some suggestions. Now keep in mind it can take me a few weeks to get a full design out, I went through like 4 or 5 prototypes of the face of my scarecrow design alone just to get the face to the point were I thought it was good..........which I got to admit did not photograph all that well, definitely got to revise that one a bit. Also since I have been knitting a lot longer then I have been crocheting you guys may see a mix of the two crafts, like the body and face of the plush will be crochet but the outfit will be knitted. That being said here is a list of characters I and or you guys want me to design a crocheted plush for.

Damian Wayne's version of Robin

Batman the Animated Series Poison Ivy

Batman the Animated Series Harley Quinn

New 52 Joker with Batman the Animated Series Joker's outfit


The Force Awakens Kylo Ren

Feel free to Pm me or just post in the comments if you have a suggestion, if it's something I think I can do I may add it to the list and give it a try. Also keep in mind that just because your idea got added to the list first does not mean it will get finished first,  I work on whatever patterns I have a idea for such as how to do new 52 Joker's cut off face so if I have an idea for a design that was added to the list later then yours that's the one I am going to work on. It's just the way I design at the moment.


United States


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